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It is vital for all kids to keep learning over the summer. If they don’t, they lose some of what they’ve learned during the school year, and those losses add up year after year. Here are some fun ways you can help your child tap the power of summer learning to help them thrive in school, and in life.


Read at home every day.

Help your children choose books that interest them. Set reading goals and reward them for their effort. Choose a quiet area in your home and have fun reading together.


Imagine your story.

Write a storybook, poem, or short play together. Have a family reading or open mic night for everyone to perform and enjoy what you’ve imagined and created.


Keep a summer journal.

Have your children keep a journal about the books they enjoyed, their favorite events or activities they attended, and the new friends they’ve made over the summer.


Create a map of fun things to do in your community.

Check out local museums, aquariums, zoos, parks, or nature centers in your local area. Contact your favorite spots for up-to-date information before visiting.


Plant a garden.

Start simple with a tomato container garden or fresh herbs grown on your kitchen window sill. It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating with your child and family.


Use counting skills in daily activities or errands.

Baking a cake? Let your child help count out the ingredients or minutes to mix the batter. Turn a grocery trip into a math lesson. Use coupons and help your child determine the discount.


Build something new using recycled materials.

Build your architectural skills. Let your imagination run wild as you use cardboard boxes to make an amazing structure for your family to enjoy.


Be active.

Get outside with your child. Visit a park for a nature walk, ride bikes, or check out your community’s recreation programs that may offer manyfun options.


Get creative.

Let your child’s imagination soar. Turn everyday household items like cardboard tubes into rockets or old socks into hand puppets.

National Summer Learning Week
July 15-19, 2024

Summer Learning Week is a national celebration dedicated to elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school ready to succeed. This year’s themes include: Fostering Friendships, Love of Literacy & Learning, Wonders of Wellness, Summer Skill-Building, and Amazing Arts!

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