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Khan Academy

Free online courses


LRNG Playlists

NSLA and Netflix Family

Learn Japanese Ultraman Rising Worksheet

NSLA and Netflix Family

Breathing Activities from "Ultraman Rising"

Excel - Easy

Fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples. No login required!

Achievery by AT&T

Reading Activities

Achievery by AT&T

English and Language Arts Activities

AT&T Achievery

Popular entertainment content paired with lesson plans and learning activities, by AT&T.

Reading, Math, History & More

Assoc of Library Services

2023 Summer Reading List

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Step Outside and STEM: Outdoor Exploration and Problem Solving

The Black Experience

The Black Experience: The Course

Bedtime Math

Fun math

Teaching with Testimony

Learn to counter hate and respond to injustice

DOD STEM Online Resources

Virtual STEM resources for students, parents educators, and mentors.

Discover the Joy of Creativity


Creativity for Kids Activities

NASA Langley Student Art Contest

NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia is inviting students in grades K-12 to draw, paint or design what’s next in science, aeronautics, and exploration in the NASA Langley Student Art Contest.

Netflix Family

Family Craft Activity Sheets

NSLA & Netflix Family

Design Your Own Baseball Jersey

NSLA & Netflix Family

Make A Bird Feeder Activity Sheet

NSLA & Netflix Family

Ninja and Dragon Fire Bookmarks Activity Sheet

NSLA & Netflix Family

DIY Fondant Fun Activity Sheet

Discover the Joy of Science and Engineering

Achievery by AT&T

Technology & Engineering Activities

Achievery by AT&T

Coding Activities and Lessons

Achievery by AT&T

Earth and Space Science Acvitivies

Achievery by AT&T

Social Emotional Learning Activities


eCYBERMISSION is a web-based STEM competition for students in grades 6-9.

NASA Activities for Kids

Explore Kids and Families Hands-on Activities

NSLA and Netflix Family

Take Flight! Make a water bottle rocket from household items

STEM Finity

Your One-Stop Shop for Free Online STEM Resources!

Plan for College, Careers and Life

Character Lab

Character Lab brings together researchers, educators, and anyone else who supports teenagers to better understand and improve the well-being of young people everywhere.


Free Practice Tests

Youth Jobs Portal


Mentoring Connector

Find a Mentor or Become one!

STEM Careers Coalition Family Design Challenges

Explore the future of STEM careers

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Learn the fundamentals for financial success


Explore new frontiers in tech innovation

Pathway to Financial Success

Empower students with money management basics

Discover the Joy of Health and Wellness

NSLA and Netflix Family

Easy-to-follow warm up movements and exercises for ages 5-12


Jr. NBA at Home

Amazing Me

Foster healthy bodies and minds

Vape Free

Get the Facts About Vaping

Ask, Listen, Learn

Say “yes” to a healthy lifestyle

Dose of Knowledge

Make healthy choices in the face of peer pressure

Discover Your Happy

Learn skills to create Sustainable Happiness

Soar with Wings

Build social-emotional skills to last a lifetime

USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Nutrition Assistance Programs

The Jed Foundation

Essential information about common emotional health issues and shows teens and young adults how they can support one another, overcome challenges, and make a successful transition to adulthood.

STEM Sports

Playing Card Fitness Activity

Netflix Family

Stretch and Yoga Printable Activity Sheets

AAP Institute for Childhood Healthy Weight

Free resources focused on pediatric obesity prevention, management, and treatment in your programs.

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